cPanel & WHM Internet Explorer 11 End of Support

March 14, 2020

The next versions of cPanel will not support Internet Explorer 11. To keep the User Interface and User Experience (UX) up-to-date with modern standards, cPanel has been moving to various newer frameworks (such as Angular) to stay current with our UI technology and remain flexible in improving those frameworks in Version 88 and beyond. Once done, ...

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cPanel & WHM Production Servers Upgraded To Version 86

February 23, 2020

In keeping with our promise that our customers will always get access to the best and latest features that cPanel offers, we are happy to announce that all cPanel production servers have been upgraded to version 86. While most of these are under the hood and optimized at root level, here are some of the quick ones you can have access to starting ...

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70% Off CodeGuard Automated Backup Price

February 20, 2020

Yes, Web Hosting Magic religiously backs up your data. But we do this randomly and on a certain number of days. So what happens if your data is compromised and you have put in tons of work the other day before? But what happens if your data is compromised and you have put in tons of work the other day before this happened? Then yu asked us a ...

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AdaptiveOrigin Subscription Period & PayPal Removal

February 15, 2020

AdaptiveOrigin Subscription  We will be making changes to the subscription period for AdaptiveOrigin. This tier was created so that anyone, anywhere in the world (no matter their budget) can be able to host their website online.  At $1.33 per month, we pay: $0.48 per transaction to our payment processors $0.22 per domain added to ...

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You Can Use Old PHP Version For Your Website or Application

January 6, 2020

When a new account is provisioned on our system, it defaults to the latest upstream supported version. At the time of this publication, the latest is PHP7.3. Latest PHP versions are optimized: to speed up your website twice as fast than before, made the maintenance of large pieces of code by multiple developers significantly easier give ...

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Upgrade To PHP Supported Versions & Improve Performance/Security

December 20, 2019

As PHP keeps evolving as a programming language, tons of new features are been added with each new release. Since the 7.0 upgrade, PHP web applications have seen comparable performance improvement than the previous ones. In general, every new release is actively supported for two years, and gets one more year of "security fixes only". The goal ...

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