• Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Web Hosting Magic Atlanta Address


Web Hosting Magic works as a distributive team.

As an organization, we run a non-hierarchical structure while holding each other accountable.

There are no managers and big bosses at Web Hosting Magic.

There are no siloes.


As a team, we maintain an open culture.

We hire the smartest and most able individuals we can find no matter where they are located.

That's the beauty of the cloud.

Beyond its near-infiniteness, it has also made it possible for humans to do amazing things no matter where they are located. 

Whoever makes it to the team has something to bring to the table.


Our culture has always been to maintain the agility and nimbleness of a young technology company.

We see great customer service, not as a cost center but rather as an effective marketing tool, a competitive differentiator, and a cornerstone of our brand.

In fact, it is for this reason that we adopted a remote-first approach even before it became a thing.

Our team works remotely and we have seen the extraordinary benefits of a remote-first company and culture. 

Not only does it enable us to hire the best talent we can find, but it also offers each member of our team unprecedented work-life harmony.


We believe that it is the only way to:

  • keep our service & operational cost manageable enough that we can pass these savings to our customers.
  • maintain the agility and nimbleness of a young technology company.
  • continuously deliver quality web hosting services that customers will be delighted with.


So no matter where the engineer serving you is located having a picnic with his or her family at the beach, daring nature in the mountains or the desert, our culture allows the flexibility to meet you at the point of your need.


As a State of Georgia registered business, most of us call Atlanta home.

The same applies to the team in Japan that works out of their Osaka, Tokyo, and Gifu locations.


We have been using our Delaware address for quite a while now.


2093 Philadelphia Pike, Suite 3728

Claymont, DE 

19703 United States


But to truly reflect our connection to the great Peach State, we will be using the following address as our core business & mailing address:


300 Colonial Center Parkway, STE 100N

Roswell, Georgia, 30076, USA


Fun fact: Roswell is a beautiful city in northern Fulton County. And Fulton County has considered the largest city in Atlanta.


We encourage our partners, resellers, and customers to update the address we have with them to this new one.

We will maintain the Delaware address till the end of this year (2022) before it is permanently closed.

Should you need more information regarding this, please email the team at team@webhostingmagic.com