• Tuesday, April 11, 2023

360 Website Monitoring Special Offer


As a website owner, you want to ensure not only top performance for your visitors but also maximum uptime.

Today, we are introducing 360 Monitoring, a website monitoring service you can use to keep a steady eye on your web properties.

As a website monitoring tool, 360 Monitoring provides configurable dashboards, personalized alerts, and seamless integration with top database and server technologies.

It is integrated with your cPanel®, Plesk®, and billing system.

With 360 Monitoring, you get:

  • site monitoring which measures uptime performance by monitoring HTTPS(S), TCP (port), and ICMP (ping) in standard intervals.
  • full site evaluation which checks your entire website, including private portals and online stores, for quality, bugs, and errors.
  • downtime monitoring
  • SSL validity & expiration checks
  • etc


360 Monitoring starts with a Lite Plan.


With the Lite plan, you can keep a close eye on one website and avoid outages while ensuring user satisfaction for free.

The Lite plan gives you:

  • Email Alerts
  • 24-Hour Data Retention
  • Single-Website Monitoring
  • 10-Minute Interval Scans

The Lite package does NOT include access to:

  • alerts via Full Site Check
  • multi-channel alerts through Slack, Telegram, and More
  • 30-Day Data Retention

f you would want to experience the joy of 360 Website Monitoring, we are offering a limited special offer & promotion.

This is an opportunity you can't afford to miss.


You enroll today to instantly receive 50% off 360 Monitoring Personal and Pro.


For Personal: https://dashboard.webhostingmagic.com/store/website-monitoring/personal?promocode=596GFARM7H

For Pro: https://dashboard.webhostingmagic.com/store/website-monitoring/pro-360?promocode=596GFARM7H