• Wednesday, April 12, 2023

PHP Oldest Versions Hosting Support End Date

To host old PHP versions, we use (among other tools):

  • cPanel & WHM
  • HardenedPHP
  • CloudLinux™ Hardened OS
  • AI-driven Security Suite
  • PHP Selector

HardenedPHP supports older versions of PHP without compromising security.

CloudLinux OS is a state-of-the-art operating system built with shared hosting in mind.

PHP Selector sits on top of CageFS and allows each user to select a PHP version and module based on their needs.

An AI security suite that utilizes a multi-layer approach to provide total protection against any type of malicious attack.

The issue is that we have learned from the cPanel team that cPanel & WHM v110 will be the last version that supports CloudLinux™ 7.

cPanel will stop supporting v110 on June 30, 2024


What this means for you, our customer with applications running upstream non-supported PHP version is that you need to do everything you can, to update the application before March 30, 2024.

Once you have done so, please visit our Migration Team so we can move your account to a system that can properly host your account.

But there is more.

PHP 4.4 and PHP 5.1 End-Of-Life

We've supported PHP 4.4 and PHP 5.1 since we started offering this service.

But if you step back a bit and take a look at this, the PHP dev team stopped supporting PHP 5.1 almost 17 years ago.

And PHP 4.1 has more than 21 years.

The technology behind these PHP versions is outdated and only a small fraction of websites still use them.

That is no surprise since using older versions definitely exposes you to security vulnerabilities and bugs, most of which have been fixed in recent versions of PHP.

Security vulnerability patching for PHP 5.1 will stop on Apr 1, 2024.

For PHP 4.4, the security vulnerability patching will stop on Jul 1, 2023.

When this happens, we will remove these from any machine that has the version installed.

Why should we do that?

Because the risk of running these PHP versions with unpatched security bugs will be too much.

We sincerely urge you to either upgrade the application using PHP 4.4 and PHP 5.1 to at least PHP 5.6.

And also do everything you can to upgrade the application to the new supported PHP version before June 1st, 2024 (that being the day we will pull the plug on the servers hosting such applications).