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Accounts, Billing and Payments (51)

Find quick answers to any account or billing related question or issue. For more deeper issue or if you are unable to see what you are looking for, please contact our team.

Cloudflare Hosting FAQs (7)

Getting started with Cloudflare and wondering where to start? Check out these links in this section. Whatever you don't see here has to be taken up by the Cloudflare support team.

CodeGuard Backup (1)

CodeGuard is the fastest, most reliable website backup service that tracks all of the changes on your website daily. It also automatically scales to your business business needs.

cPanel Backups (12)

No matter how astute you might be as a website admin, mistakes are bound to happen from time to time. Been able to recover from such mistake using a recent backup can help in such situations. Learn how to backup your data using the various options we provide.

cPanel Git Version Control (8)

Git (originally developed in 2005 by Linus Torvalds, the famous creator of the Linux operating system kernel) is a modern distributed version control system designed with performance, security and flexibility in mind.

cPanel Hosting Tutorials (90)

Our cPanel tutorials includes tutorials, how-to and guides to help new cPanel users take the first steps in their Web Hosting Magic cPanel accounts. You will be a pro in no time.

Databases Management in cPanel (4)

Here are tutorials that you need to create and manage MySQL or PostgreSQL user accounts, and user privileges successfully in cPanel.

Domain Name and DNS (19)

These DNS tutorials are here to broaden your understanding on how DNS works as you update your DNS records for your website and applications.

Email & Webmail (21)

Follow this guide to get the best out of your cPanel Webmail hosting. From setting up your first email address to managing, deleting and securing it.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) (20)

Browse through these FAQs to find answers to commonly raised questions. If you're a new customer, we encourage you to read through the other relevant articles.

Hosting Resellers (13)

As a Web Hosting Magic reseller, we want you to have the best possible experience. Here are some tips, guides & how-tos you can use to start off fast.

Linux and cPanel & WHM Administration (25)

Managing a cPanel & WHM server involves some hands-on Linux administrative skills. Here are some that might you get the best of your machines.

Security & Authentication (13)

Our security team helps keep your organization secure and compliant but your help is also need in to protecting your data, website & application. Learn how you can help.

SitePad Website Builder (4)

SitePad is an easy to use, drag and drop website builder with you can use to build professional looking websites. With Sitepad, you can build your website using an editor and publish static web pages (HTML, CSS, JS) to your domain with just one click.

Softaculous (38)

Softaculous lets you focus on using apps rather than spending time on installing them. Install PHP, PERL, JAVA, JavaScript applications to your domain with just a few clicks.

Web Application Installation (14)

With over 450+ web applications available for 1-click installation, we sure do have script for every use scenario you may encounter. This category shows you how to install them.

WHMCS Billing System (17)

Learn how to configure WHMCS, the leading web hosting management and billing software that automates all aspects of your hosting business.

WordPress (26)

Tips, how-to and tutorials to help you get the most out of the world's most popular CMS on our hosting platform.

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