How Do I Use My Dedicated IP To Host My Customers As Hosting Reseller?

On having your customers use your dedicated IP, this cannot be done if a reseller is still using an IP that is dedicated to his or her account/domain as his or her website's dedicated IP.

Doing so would make the IP a shared IP and not dedicated.

If you are not using it, then we can certainly configure it so when you create an account, it will use that dedicated IP.

We can also reassign the IP to your existing accounts.

However, if you already using the dedicated IP that came with your reseller account, we can  assign you another IP  as your own shared IP at $5.70 per month but it's worth knowing that:

  • you have to change each domain's IP and other DNS records to use the new IP.
  • if we change the IP address of your existing domain, your users must connect to “” instead of “” in order to authenticate.

It is important to point out too that nameservers across the Internet do not update their DNS information instantly.

So changes to IP addresses may temporarily prevent some visitors from the ability to access that domain’s website.

So please do let us know if you would want to proceed with either your present dedicated IP address or use another IP address assigned to your account at $4.50 per month for your accounts.

If you are proceeding, we will make the changes, then you create a new account and then together we see if that new account is using the IP you want.

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