How To Grant Selective Access To An Account To Other Users

Our billing system gives customer a simple, powerful, flexible approach of managing an account and granting access to other users.

It makes it possible to separate authentication and authorization from services, billing, and support.


Web Hosting Account User Management


By default, each account is associated with a single account owner.

Account owners have all of the possible permissions that a user can possess.

You are also the only user who can send invitations from the account to other new or existing users.

During checkout, users can choose to create a new account for the items in the cart.

In this case, the system will assign account ownership for the new account to that user.


Who Is A User?

The Users are individuals with one or more associated accounts that they can access and manage.

Whenever a new account is created, a new user is created based on the account profile and becomes the account owner (see below).

Separate controls manage users' access to each account.

For example, let's say that you are a web developer or even a reseller.

Each of your customer could represent a distinct account.

You could log in and access each of these accounts using a single set of credentials.

However, the accounts themselves would not be connected.


How To Send An Invitation


hosting account invitation


To connect a user to an account or multiple accounts, just send an invitation from each account to that user or email address at any time.

The invitee will receive an email and must click the included link and log in or create an account.


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